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Rural Guest House Amalau in Vizcaya, Basque Country

Guest House 'Oak' 'Fairy' Shared garden

Amalau rural guesthouse, 2 apartments for booking

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Amalau Rural Guesthouse is a beautiful guesthouse nestled in the foothills of the Natural Park of Gorbea in Zeanuri, Vizcaya, Basque country. Both apartments can be booked independently or as a whole.

Perfect not only for couples but also for groups. We have special prices for long stays and for bussiness groups. Located in the center of the Basque country. Bilbao and its worldwide known Guggenheim Museum, its only a 30 min drive. You can visit the beautiful Concha beach and taste the famous "pintxos" in Donostia-San Sebastián, only 1h 15min. Small pets are welcome.

The Rural House have 3 floors, the lower one is for booking while the family owners live in the two upper ones. ‘Oak’ House with 3 bedrooms occupies most of the ground floor while ‘Fairy’ Apartment with 50m2 has 2 bedrooms and occupies the rest of the ground floor.

Both apartments are totally equiped and are independent from each other and from the rest of the rural house. Each one has its own entrance and access to a shared garden which have a big table, a barbecue and a games area with a basketball (or tennis) court and a sheltered ping pong table. We also have two parking zones, each one near the entrance of “Oak” or “Fairy”.

'Oak' House, with a 6-9 persons capacity and 140 m2, consists of a equiped kitchen, living and dining room, 3 bedrooms with inside bathroom and a 30m2 terrace.

'Fairy' Apartment, smaller in capacity, is for 2-4 persons and 50m2, has a kitchen, living and dinning room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a small terrace with direct access to the shared garden.

We also have a private vegetable garden, which have aromatic and medicinal plants, fruit trees, a kiwi plantation, a seedbed and a greenhouse... if you have interest in ecologicalming we would be glad to show it to our guests!

We are a pet friendly rural house! We accept small or middle sized pets, for more information ask the owners.

List of services common to both apartments:

  • Heating
  • Extra beds
  • Kitchen
  • Parking space
  • Barbecue
  • Guide dogs admited
  • Television
  • DVD
  • Chimney
  • Oven
  • Washer
  • Microwave
  • White linen
  • Fire wood
  • Garden and terrace
  • Tourist information

'Oak' House, perfect por groups and families

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'Oak' House entrance 'Fairy' Apartment terrace

'Oak' is the name of the larger apartment, which occupies most of Amalau rural house lower plant, it have 140m2 and a capacity por 6-9 persons. Usually rented as full apartment is perfect for groups (if available you could rent both ‘Oak’ and ‘Fairy’ reaching a maximum capacity of 14 persons).

Equipped kitchen, living and dinning room with chimney, 3 bedrooms with inside bathroom, and a 30m2 terrace with access to a shared garden for both apartments, with barbaque, play area...

Distribution of the house is as follows, first bedroom has 3 beds, one double and 2 singles, a bathroom with double basin, and 2 showers. Second room has two single beds and bathroom. Third room has a double bed and bathroom. We have extra beds available (for a ninth person) that can be placed in second or third room. Travel crib also available if needed.

The living and dinning room has a small round table for breakfast and a large table for lunch or dinner closer to a tv. There is a sofa area and a small coffee table next to the chimeney. There are also books, board games and games available for guests.

Kitchen is open to the living and dinning room area. Table and chairs are available in the terrace.

'Fairy' Apartament, perfect for a family with children or couples with a pet

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'Fairy' Apartament, garden entrance 'Fairy' Apartament, terrace and garden

'Fairy' is the name of the smaller apartment, which ocuppies part of the ground floor of Amalau rural house. It has 50 m2, capacity for 2-4 persons and is a full booking apartment. Ideal for couples, or families with up to 2 children.

You have an equipped kitchen, living and dinning room with chimney, 2 bedrooms, bathroom with shower and a small terrace with access to the shared garden, with barbecue, big table, play area...

Distribution of the apartment is as follows, main entrance leads to the living and dinning room which have at the left an area with a sofa, chimney, TV and two rooms and a bathroom to the end, at the right there is a big table next to the open kitchen (which also has a working table) that leads to the terrace (with a table and chairs) and the shared garden to the end.

We have books, magazines and board games available for guests.

Garden, play area and barbecue

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Shared garden of Amalau Games area, basketball court

The large garden shared by both apartments has about 400m2, a barbecue zone with a large table and bench. Also a pergola, one basket court that could also be changed into a tennis or volleyball court adding a net at the correct height. There is also a ping pong table in the garden shed.

Kids enjoy being able to play several games in the main court or ping pong in the garden shed, an interesting option when rainy weather. The pergola is great during sunny days bringing the necessary shade and has a special charm on clear nights from where you can gaze at the stars.

Barbecue has much demand, usually groups booking ‘Oak’ House bring a grill and enjoy outdoor cooking and having meal or dinner directly in the big table of the garden

There are special occasions during summer that local neighbours and friends offer small concerts using the Pérgola as a stage.

Asides both of the apartments entrance, there are two exits outside to the nearest parking lot.

Surroundings and places of interest

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Cross of Gorbea, natural park Wetland of Saldropo Oak grove of Otzarreta Nestled in the foothills of Gorbea Natural Park, we are surrounded by nature, leafy woods, mountains, caves… there are numerous routes and places to visit, for trekking lovers and also for those seaking beautiful and idyllic natural landscapes. Here are some of options:

Idyllic landscapes

Trekking routes

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Concha Beach, San Sebastian Due to our location, in the geographic center of the Basque country, you are able to visit many important cities from our rural house. Here are some of options:

Cities of interest

Oma painted forest Sanctuary of Oro Zeanuri, Basque Country There are a lot cultural places of interest within a short distance. Here is another list of interesting locations nearby (and useful information):

Cultural places of interest

Other places and useful information

Directions Google Maps
map with directions

Our location, tips to arrive

Zeanuri is accesible by N-240 national road between Bilbao and Vitoria. Take the exit to Zeanuri, just after entering the village take the exit to Ipiñaburu (near bus stop there is a turn-off to Ipiñaburu, our neighborhood), our neighborhood, to where you will arrive bordering around water reservoir of Undurraga.

Up the road N-240 (coming from Bilbao) you can also take Barazar exit, which results a shorter and more direct connection, but worse marked. You must take directions to Ipiñaburu neighborhood (the highest one, previous one is Ipiña). basically you must keep going up without taking wrong exits to previous neighborhoods ormhouses.

Also you can follow this google maps link to our localization, being able to activate several routes from options in the menu, or you can insert these coordinates:

Latitude: 43,067448967
Longitude: -2,739238934

Rates Offers Availability Booking

Apartment booking rates

Apt. 'FAIRY'2 pax2 + children4 pax
PVP / day 80€ 95€ 110€
PVP / weekend 160€ 190€ 220€
PVP / week 480€ 570€ 660€

'OAK' House4 pax6 pax6 pax +1 extra6 pax +2 extra6 pax +3 extra
PVP / day 140€ 180€ 195€ 210€ 225€
PVP / week 840€ 1080€ 1170€ 1260€ 1350€

Double room with bathroom 60€ / day
Extra bed 15€ / day
Pet supplement (each one) 7€ / day
28€ / week
(Leaving pets alone in apartments is not allowed)

Low Season apartment booking offers

Offers not valid for peak season (like june, july, august, september, december, easter holidays, carnival, weekends and long weekends...)

7x6: Book 7 days and only pay for 6

7x4: Pets book 7 days and only pay for 4

Business: Contact owners about special offers

From sunday to thursday,
both inclusive

3x2: Book 3 days and only pay for 2

4x3: Book 4 days and only pay for 3

Peak Season apartment booking offers

7x6: Book 7 days and only pay for 6

7x4: Pets book 7 days and only pay for 4


Gabriel Vázquez Vegetable garden Worshops Books

Gabriel Vázquez, rural house owner and herbologist

Gabriel the owner and herbologist

Gabriel Vázquez Molina is herbologist and expert in medicinal plants usage. He is also known for the books he has written and the workshops he teaches, also for his past assistance to specialized fairs. He has been interviewed many times on media and occasionally collaborates on radio shows. He participated in the documentary Aroak of local tv channel Euskal Telebista.

He has also been a chef in a vegetarian restaurant, the knowledge of the plants is not only useful to understand its medicinal uses… algo culinary uses, know about vegetables and aromatic plants and how to combine them in cuisine is an art.

Visit our vegetable garden

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Ecologic vegetable garden Tomatoes of greehouse

We are very proud of our ecologic vegetable garden and we will gladly show it to interested visitors. We have many vegetables and aromatic herbs, healing plants and fruit trees, and a kiwi plantation that stands out. Partly are outdoor next to the henhouse and partly in a greenhouse, we also have a seedbed.

Gabriel is a plant lover and one of his hobbies is to find all kind of seeds and cuttings with helpful properties or simply for its use in cuisine, frequently trying to grow varieties from other climates with his knowledge. He is constantly expanding his collection of plants and vegetables.

Our vegetables are for self consumption (not available for sale), kiwis are mostly sold to a local ecological market, aromatic plants are used for cooking and medicinal plants are used by Gabriel in the workshops and to make herbal infusion, soaps and ointments for family use.

Medicinal plants workshop

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Medicinal plants workshop Course 20 years ago Plants course field trip

Gabriel teaches a variety of courses in which the main theme is the usage and properties of plants. His most known course is Medicinal plants, but he also offers workshops in survival in nature, healing trees, natural soaps, natural cosmetics, geobiology...

All workshops include field trips, small routes around the surroundings of the rural house to learn locating and identifying the plants going to be used at the workshops, of course with all the descriptions and explanations of its uses and properties.

Courses are on subject to prior reservation, and can only be held if we reach a minimum number of persons. Also schedule can be extend on demand. All workshops are taught in spanish.

Some of our courses:

  • Medicinal plants course
  • Natural homemade cosmetics workhouse
  • Magic of flowers and herbs
  • Natural flower soaps
  • Local aplication of Bach flower
  • Survival in nature
  • Trees, healing and masters
  • Edible wild herbs
  • Geobiology and Radiesthesia

For more information visit our blog:
Medicinal plants workshop

Also can read this article about workshops:

Books published by Gabriel Vázquez

libro Los árboles sanadores

Los árboles sanadores

Este libro trata de las relaciones entre las personas y los árboles, esos vecinos tan cercanos, tan imprescindibles, embargo, a menudo poco conocidos u olvidados. sus virtudes, cita los cuidados que requieren y descubre decenas de usos caseros que nos permitirán hacernos con sus servicios alimenticios, medicinales o cosméticos.

libro Manual de hierbas medicinales imprescindibles

Manual de hierbas medicinales imprescindibles

Manual de hierbas medicinales imprescindibles reúne en un solo libro las principales plantas maestras que abundan en nuestros campos y huertos, tan apreciadas por sus múltiples usos. Las plantas maestras sirven para tratar y combatir multitud de afecciones y su aplicación es muy amplia, puesto que se pueden tomar en tisanas, jarabes, pomadas, tinturas y aceites.

libro Tu huerto en el balcón

Tu huerto en el balcón

Productos sin sabor y sin calidad nutritiva llegan a nuestras mesas tras recorrer miles de kilómetros, mientras los tradicionales huertos familiares cercanos a nuestras viviendas son abandonados. A pesar de ello, son muchas las personas que se plantean cambiar esta situación y muchas también las que lo hacen empezando precisamente por convertir los balcones, terrazas, patios y azoteas de nuestros pueblos y ciudades en auténticos oasis de diversidad y vida.

libro La magia de las hierbas

La magia de las hierbas

Las hierbas, las flores, toda forma de vida que recubre la tierra, es todavía un mundo por descubrir en gran medida, una faceta que aún permanece oculta a los ojos de los hombres, sobre todo en su aspecto mágico-espiritual. Las plantas y los árboles tienen alma, están habitados y protegidos por espíritus, seres de la naturaleza.

libro Plantas medicinales

Plantas medicinales

Ya desde la más remota antigüedad, los seres humanos recurrían al uso de plantas para curarse. Pueblos antiguos como el egipcio, chino, indio, etc. Estudiaron y recopilaron miles de plantas. En la actualidad, muchos seres humanos del mal llamado tercer mundo usan y confían en las plantas medicinales como único medio de curarse.

libro Recetario de medicina natural y remedios caseros

Recetario de medicina natural y remedios caseros

Los tratamientos recomendados en este libro, en el que se incluye un extenso recetario de fórmulas y preparados, han sido seleccionados y recogidos del naturismo y de los remedios tradicionales populares; recopilados durante cientos de años en las distintas culturas como primera medicina.

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Amalau rural guest house, extra content

Tourism in the Basque country, Vizcaya, Gorbea...

Services and complementary activities during stay at rural guest house

How to contact Amalau rural guest house

Gabriel and Puri owners

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, both Gabriel and Puri will be happy to help you

Ipiñaburu district 48
Zeanuri 48144 (Bizkaia)

Telephone: 946 317 179
Mobile phone: 605 771 933


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